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Digital employee surveys are simple and inexpensive

Interviewing employees is an important method for corporate strategy. Based on employee surveys, insights about goals, expectations, attitudes and needs can be gathered. The following answers can trigger important changes in the company’s operations. salesdoc GbR, Selters Ts / Main, has developed an app that allows companies to execute employee surveys cost-effectively and with little effort.

According to a study by questback, employee surveys are more important than ever before. 84 percent of companies consider this type of feedback as an important management tool. However, less than half of the surveyed companies conduct at least one employee survey per year. One reason for this fact is that many companies underestimate the potential of such surveys and, on the other hand, that surveys have a cost factor that should not be underestimated.

salesdoc GbR has taken on this problem and set itself the goal to enable an uncomplicated and simple creation of employee surveys with the free survey app surveydoc. Thanks to the application, surveys can be set up and carried out both on the PC and on all common mobile devices. The advantages of a digital survey are obvious. Companies save costs and effort in the implementation and evaluation, the processing (setup, sharing, analysis) is much faster.

Uncomplicated installation

With just a few clicks, a company can set up the contents of an employee survey. It can be chosen between different elements (text field, rating, checkbox, selection list, etc.). For international companies, it is also possible to translate surveys into the different languages ​​of the employees. Company logo and individual images can also be integrated into the survey and ensure a better-looking and varied design.

The survey is distributed to the employees via e-mail. The employee clicks on a link and gets to the survey. Surveys can also be used in companies that do not have computer workstations – for example, at retail or in the hospital. If there are paths that are passed by many employees, the use of a kiosk PC or tablet is suitable – for example, in the company’s canteen. The special feature: the answers can also be entered when the device is offline. When you reconnect to the internet, all data is synchronized. In other cases, the use of private smartphones may be useful. Employees will get a link to their mobile device and then join the survey.

Automates analysis

Survey results can be viewed by companies directly in the app and in real time. This reveals a significant advantage over conventional surveys on paper. Companies save time, no manual evaluation of the answers is necessary. For easy further processing of the data, these can also be exported directly to Excel. An automatic e-mail reporting ensures that the answers end up directly in the mailbox of the respective editor.

As a result, employee surveys are no longer as complex to implement as they were a few years ago. Many companies already use surveydoc to find out more about their employees.

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